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Upcoming Grant Application Deadlines
March 19, 2018
Oct. 15, 2018

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The mission of the Oklahoma City Community Foundation Wellness Initiative is to create a culture of health in central Oklahoma, with a focus on improving health indicators, where making healthy lifestyle choices is simple, accessible, easy – and the cool thing to do. It seeks to work with organizations in developing innovative community-based programs that motivate people to engage in a sustainable program of daily exercise, healthy eating and other wellness activities and inspires them to adopt a healthy lifestyle that minimizes the potential of future illness and disease. The initiative is about preventing the development of lifestyle-related diseases by focusing on these daily numbers to live by – OK5210: 1) 5 or more fruits or vegetables, 2) 2 hours or less of screen time, 3) 1 hour of physical activity and 4) 0 sugar-sweetened beverages. Visit www.GetMovingOKC.org for more information.

Goals & Objectives:

  1. Improve the health indicators for citizens of central Oklahoma around physical activity, nutrition, obesity and rates of chronic disease related to an unhealthy lifestyle.
  2. Build the infrastructure of the community for both facilities and programs that encourage participation in daily exercise to make it easy for individuals to take part.
  3. Increase the availability of opportunities for target population groups to make healthy lifestyle choices (free or low cost activities, access to healthy food options).
  4. Increase physical activity, basic health and nutrition education for all school-aged children through both school and non-school programs.

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Primary Target Populations

  1. School-aged youth.
  2. Adults who are currently inactive and at risk for lifestyle-related diseases or health issues but who are capable of becoming active and wish to become more active.
  3. Adults who are somewhat active but who are capable of increasing activity levels and who wish to become more active.
  4. Youth and adults who lack access to or information about healthy eating and other healthy lifestyle choices.

Who is eligible to apply?
Any 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides direct services and has a governing board based in central Oklahoma is eligible to apply. Nonprofit organizations with a current GiveSmartOKC.org profile will receive special consideration for having completed a rigorous assessment process for transparency. For more information about GiveSmartOKC.org, please contact Ashlee Adams at 405/606-2918.

In addition, community groups, schools, local government agencies or state or city connected agencies may apply as long as the funding request is for programs for the public, located in central Oklahoma. The program should target populations that have not previously had access to services related to the OK 5210 message topics. Programs should be open and not restricted by residency or membership.

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Projects to be considered:

  1. Programs that target individuals who do not participate in regular exercise, eat healthy or who have other unhealthy lifestyle habits.
  2. Programs that target individuals who are at risk for health problems for whom regular physical activity and better nutrition would be beneficial.
  3. Programs that target groups or individuals that would provide motivation to other individuals who do not regularly exercise, eat healthy or maintain a healthy lifestyle to encourage their participation in programs to improve overall community wellness.
  4. Programs that encourage children and teenagers who do not currently participate in organized physical activities to participate in regular daily exercise or make other healthy lifestyle changes at school and after-school locations.
  5. Programs that provide open participation opportunities and sustainable regular activities.

Required Program Criteria

This grant cycle will emphasize a binary public health approach. Grant applications must fit into one of two program criteria categories listed below.

1. Population Health Programs- create awareness and opportunities for healthy behavior changes at a community level:

  • Must incorporate the OK 5210 message in all funded programming.
  • Must occur regularly during the timeframe proposed for funding and provide opportunity for sustainability.
  • Program must have the potential to be scaled and/or replicated.
  • Must have identified measurable goals that have the potential to show long-term successful outcomes.
  • Outcome measurements should include participant changes in increased knowledge and awareness, and/or changes in motivations and attitudes resulting behavior changes related to the OK5210 campaign as determined through pre and post surveys.

2. Individual Health Programs- measure behavior changes through collection of biometric data at the individual level:

  • Must incorporate the OK 5210 message in all funded programming.
  • Must occur regularly during the timeframe proposed for funding and provide opportunity for sustainability.
  • Must utilize best practice guidelines that are evidence based and have the potential to be replicated or scaled to a population level.
  • Must have identified measurable goals that have the potential to show long-term successful outcomes.
  • The standard outcomes measurement evaluation should include positive changes in weight, BMI or waist circumference and knowledge of OK5210 as determined through pre and post surveys. Additional biometric evaluation is strongly encouraged (i.e., improved blood pressure, A1C levels, etc.).
  • Alternative outcomes could also be considered, such as improved fitness levels as monitored through pre and post testing, but must be approved prior to program implementation.

No grants will be made for capital campaigns, fundraising events, clinical equipment or facility construction. Lower priority will be given to support administrative needs such as occupancy, computer equipment and overhead.

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Online Application Process
Grant applications will be accepted via an online process after requesting an invitation and being invited to apply. To receive an invitation to apply, please email the name and address of your organization to Melody Bays. Include a brief description of your project and the target population. The invitation to apply will include an access code and URL link for the online application. The request for invitation must be submitted as above no later than Friday, March 2, 2018, at 5 p.m. in order for access to the online application to be considered. Any requests after that time will not be accepted.

In order to streamline the online application process, all applicants are required to have a published GiveSmartOKC profile. For those applicants that do not have a GiveSmartOKC profile, please contact Ashlee Adams at a.adams@occf.org. To learn more information, visit www.GiveSmartOKC.org.

Grant Application Questions and Required Documents
Grant applications must provide answers to the questions listed below:

  1. How does your program support the goals of the Wellness Initiative?
  2. Does your program fit the criteria of an individual or population health program?
  3. What specific population is targeted and why? Note that the populations without access to services will be a priority.
  4. What need will the program address to serve this specific targeted population?
  5. How will individuals learn about the program or how are they encouraged to participate (i.e., methods of marketing and promoting the program) and how will collaborations be formed?
  6. Describe the specific services that will be provided, including the location (within central Oklahoma) and time period. The program should typically be implemented within 90 days of receiving notice of funding.
  7. Describe the experience of the organization in providing this service.
  8. If the request is for a program with ongoing needs, please describe the organization’s plan for continuing the program beyond the funding period.

In addition, applicants will be required to upload the following documents:

  1. A complete and detailed (line item) program budget, with both revenue and expenses listed.
  2. A program evaluation or outcome measurement plan that includes what the lifestyle change goals for the program are and how those changes will be measured.

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Informational Meeting
All interested applicants are encouraged to attend an informational meeting about the Wellness Initiative grant program Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018, at 3 p.m. at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation office.  Please review the guidelines to ensure eligibility and visit www.GetMovingOKC.org prior to the meeting. It is highly encouraged that program staff members involved in the implementation of the proposed program or service attend the meeting. For any questions about eligibility, please contact Melody Bays at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation at 405-606-2930.

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Grant Deadline and Notification
Deadline for submission of all grant application materials is on or before 5:00 p.m. on Monday, March 19, 2018. The grant application will be reviewed by a committee and recommended for approval to the Oklahoma City Community Foundation Board of Trustees. Grantees will be notified of a decision at the end of November.

Grantees will be required to submit a midway report and a final report. Grantees will also be asked to participate in the activities of the Central Oklahoma Wellness Alliance to share information about evaluations, outcomes, successes and failures. Our goal is to determine which programs work best for making changes in the wellness of our community and how these programs can be replicated community-wide and to share information with all organizations working toward a healthier central Oklahoma.

Questions & Clarifications
Please submit any questions or a need for clarification on any aspect of the application requirements to Melody Bays and note in the subject line “Wellness Initiative Grant Application.” Replies will be provided in a timely manner during the work week (not including any holidays). Questions will not be answered after the deadline.

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► Wellness Initiative Inaugural Grants

Oklahoma City Parks & Recreation Department to assist with its “Step Into Wellness,” a senior fitness and nutrition program to be implemented in the two senior centers managed by the parks department.

Metro Technology Centers School District No. 22 to help expand the district’s “MetroFit Wellness Community Outreach” that is open to the surrounding community for physical activity and nutrition education.

Oklahoma City County Health Department to help expand the “Total Wellness,” an existing eight-week program that provides wellness education and support to overweight adults. The expansion will include youth in schools and other locations throughout the community.

Oklahoma City Indian Clinic to help implement “POWER Through Nutrition,” a children/youth fitness program that targets American Indian children who are among the highest risk population for obesity, diabetes and related diseases.

Schools for Healthy Lifestyles to help implement the “Get Active” program at three elementary schools. The program features two approaches to measuring activity: one will feature a walking program tracking system using pedometers and the other will utilize heart rate monitors to encourage physical activity among the students.

► Recent Grants
ASTEC Charter School – $21,500 for the HOPSports for Healthy Kids program that provides students with opportunities for physical activity during class time to prevent inactivity.

INTEGRIS Foundation – $25,100 for the Challenge Yourself: Health and Fitness program that provides free exercise classes as well as health and nutrition education for adults in the Oklahoma City metro area.

Latino Community Development Agency – $15,000 for a family health and wellness program for Latino youth and adults at risk for lifestyle-related diseases.

Mercy Health Foundation Oklahoma City – $30,000 for the FUN (Fitness, Understanding Health and Nutrition) Project to provide school-based nutrition, physical education and summer family wellness activities with the Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation to at-risk youth in Oklahoma City.

Metro Technology Centers – $25,000 to support the MetroFit Free Community Fitness program, providing more convenient access to health and wellness classes for northeast Oklahoma City residents.

Myriad Gardens Foundation – $30,000 for a new health and wellness program that will provide opportunities for Oklahoma City residents to participate in daily exercise, balanced nutrition and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Oklahoma City Bicycle Society – $17,170 for a bike skills and safety training program for central Oklahoma residents.

Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation – $30,000 for the FitQuest+ program to offer nutrition and fitness activities including rowing and kayaking for Oklahoma City area schools.

Oklahoma City Community College Foundation – $19,900 for a community health program that will provide fitness activities for south Oklahoma City residents.

Oklahoma City Indian Clinic – $30,000 to support their Fitness Family Feud program offering a family-based competition that focuses on improving wellness for American Indians of all ages.

Rainbow Fleet – $22,000 to continue training for child care professionals to integrate health and wellness activities that promote good nutrition and physical activity for children.

Regional Food Bank – $5,000 to evaluate the Fresh Rx program that provides access to healthy food options for low-income individuals.

Skyline Urban Ministries – $5,000 to support a nutrition and culinary education program.