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Trisha Finnegan

President & CEO

By partnering with our team, board, donors, and partners, I help to ensure the foundation best supports a strong, healthy, thriving central OK region now and well into the future.

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Christina Adcox, CFRE

Chief Operating Officer

I’m responsible for optimizing Foundation resources to operate efficiently and driving the learning culture of the company.

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Kelley Barnes

Vice President of Community Engagement

As part of the leadership team for the organization, I work to help guide the strategy of the organization by understanding our communities.

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Lauren Barnes

Senior Communications Associate

I work with the rest of the communications team to produce publications, newsletters, the podcast, website, basically anything written.

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Andrea Barry, CPA


I review and document gifts when they are received and perform investment reconciliations as well as 1099 reporting.

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Madeline Bennett

Development Associate

As a Development Associate, I primarily assist Jennifer Meckling in managing the Nonprofit Endowment Program.

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Kaleb Brown

Communications Specialist

I work with all things digital at OCCF — i.e. social media, newsletters, our podcast and more.

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Joe Carter, CAP®

Vice President of Development

I have more than 30 years of experience in higher education and non-profit fundraising for organizations in the areas of major gifts and planned giving.

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Lindsay Cates

Director of Community Programs

I guide and support the Programs Team to ensure programming and grantmaking initiatives align with the strategies to make the most significant impact on our community.

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Kayla Cervi

Donor Services Associate

I process grant requests from our donors, facilitate donor advised fund grants and help our team with donor stewardship.

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Julie Dais, CAP®

Director of Development and Professional Advisor Relationships

I work to foster and grow relationships with professional advisors through education on the many benefits of charitable gift planning.

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John Derby

IT Helpdesk Technician

I work to maintain the OCCF network, computers, etc. for the organization and assist employee’s technical issues as they arise.

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Rick Fernandez

Counselor and Development Outreach Coordinator

I conduct counselor training and work on scholarship outreach and development.

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Emily Fields


I care for the records of enduring historical value relating to OCCF, our donors and the impact this foundation has on OKC.

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Lanc Gross

Parks Program Manager

I administer and manage the Parks & Public Space grant programs.

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Gregg Koehn, CPA


I am responsible for the success of the finance department and its essential functions for both internal departments and external organizations.

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Lindsay Laird

Vice President of Philanthropic Services

We ensure all fundholders are engaged through best-in-class stewardship and communication, resulting in exceptional customer service.

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Shree Ledford

Philanthropic Services Process Manager

I provide administrative support to the Philanthropic Services department.

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Cathy Lippard, CPA

Vice President of Fund Management

I am responsible for all aspects of fund management for our 3000+ funds. This includes periodic reviews and reporting to the CEO and trustees.

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Jared Mabrey

Graphic Designer

I design print and digital publications ranging from Annual Reports to mailers, websites, digital marketing and our electronic billboard.

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Dan Martel

Vice President of Communications

I help educate the public about the role the OCCF plays to impact so many lives in central OKC and beyond.

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Sherri Maxwell

Office Manager

I oversee the functional and operational office services and facilities, including meeting rooms and any related daily tasks and functions.

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Jennifer Meckling, CFRM

Program Director

I support the 400+ organizations with permanently endowed funds at OCCF, helping them honor the original funding intent and grow sustainable community support.

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Wanda Minter

Scholarship Programs Manager

I work with many of the scholarship funds and assist recipients with claiming their scholarship awards.

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Kimberly Moyer

Communications Manager

I work with the Communication Team to develop compelling, interesting content for our publications and digital assets.

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June Owens, CPA

Director of Finance

I lead the organization’s Finance Team and ensure that it functions effectively while providing support to the Controller.

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Tiffany Peterson

Financial Analyst

I manage coding and maintenance of funds, conduct software update reviews and implementation, and create training procedures, financials and reports.

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Sandy Powell

Director of Human Resources

I work to drive HR initiatives that align with OCCF’s objectives, ensures the organization attracts, develops and retains top talent while fostering a positive and inclusive workplace culture.

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Karen Rains


I perform finance-related tasks associated with preparing financial records.

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Bill Schmid

Building Maintenance Manager

I conduct building maintenance and support the Operations staff with event preparation and facilities management.

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Andrew Schulz

Donor Services Associate

I help process donor gifts and contributions and create gift acknowledgments to accompany gift receipts.

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Jess Schwager

Director of Scholarship Programs

We manage scholarship processes from start to finish – I work with donors to start funds & help students through the application process.

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Joel Schwartz

Director of Information Technology

I manage all technical responsibilities and functions within the foundation.

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Jennifer Stewart, CAP®

Director of Donor Services

Our team works with donors and we oversee the money coming in (donations) and money going out (grants).

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Helen Stone, CPA

Vice President of Administration

I lead the financial, administrative and technology teams of the organization and provide support in strategic planning and stewardship.

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Tracey Strader

Community Programs Manager

We assist nonprofits through the grantmaking processes, and help them leverage other community resources to expand their community impact.

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Sereida Thompson

Senior Human Resources Specialist

I manage employee benefits and policies, compensation, recruitment, employee relations, payroll, and I support the development of Human Resources strategies, plans, policies and programs.

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Keaton Van Sickle

Programs Associate

I work hand in hand with our program officers to administer our Community grant programs. I work to provide expertise when navigating through our grant programs, whether that be in technical assistance, question help or post-award assistance.

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Brynn Walker

Accounting Associate

My primary function is to ensure that all payments for the Foundation are printed and dispersed in timely manner.

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Michelle Wallace

Scholarship Programs Specialist

Our department processes more than $4 million in scholarships annually. We work really hard to reach as many potential students as possible to maximize the scholarships they are awarded.

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Leslie Woodward

Community Programs Manager

I oversee the Carolyn Watson, Kirschner and Milburn Affiliated Funds as well as OCCF’s Culture & Community grant program.

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Joni Younts


I greet and assist visitors in a polite and courteous manner, monitor phone systems and assist staff members with meetings and events.

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Patricia Zeiler, CPA, Certified Internal Auditor

Senior Accountant

I work in the Finance Department, providing assistance with financials, yearly audits and other processes to help our donors with their endowments.

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Liz Eickman

Director, Kirkpatrick Family Fund

I direct a multi-state grant and initiatives program to achieve the mission of the Kirkpatrick Family Fund.

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Emma Newberry-Davis

Programs Manager, Kirkpatrick Family Fund

I am responsible for the management of KFF program initiatives based in Oklahoma, including the Mollie Spencer Farm in Yukon, Oklahoma.

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Lauren Schlepp

Archivist, Kirkpatrick Family Fund

I archive documents related to the Kirkpatrick Family Fund entities, programs and grantees as well as organize posts for social media.

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Nancy Stearns

Office Manager, Kirkpatrick Family Fund

I am responsible for overseeing the general administrative duties and making sure the office operates efficiently and smoothly.

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Jennifer Thurman

Senior Programs Officer, Kirkpatrick Family Fund

I oversee the grants program for the Kirkpatrick Family Fund as well as the development and implementation of key initiatives.

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Julia Witcher

Grants Manager, Kirkpatrick Family Fund

I manage the grant portal, review applications, prepare meeting materials, process payments, compile reports, and assist grantees as needed.