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Classroom Enhancement Grants

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Deadline: Sept. 1 at 5:00 p.m.

The Carolyn Watson Rural Oklahoma Community Foundation was started in 1995 to improve the quality of life in designated rural communities in southern Oklahoma. The Trustees established the Classroom Enhancement Grant Program to enhance the classroom experience in selected rural school districts in Oklahoma.

Grants of up to $5,000 are available to eligible public school classrooms, grades pre-K through 12, for enhancement projects that provide an opportunity to enrich the teaching environment in the following areas: 1)Arts and Humanities, 2) Science or 3) Literacy. Projects should be integrated into the academic curriculum and provide students with a significant opportunity to expand their knowledge or understanding in the specific area of study.

  • Teachers, teacher teams or school principals at eligible schools are encouraged to apply.
  • Projects can be classroom or school-wide and should focus on Arts and Humanities, Science or Literacy.
  • The one-year grant may be used to create a new program or build upon existing programs and should provide classroom enhancement or enrichment. See examples of eligible projects below.
  • Projects should promote student learning and participation through a school-wide or collaborative teaching program that incorporates multiple classrooms, grades, libraries or engages partner schools or districts.
  • Grants for student field trips, guest speakers or performers are strongly encouraged and must be integrated into the curriculum.
  • Funds should not displace support which might be available from a school system or other sources. For example, funding requests for basic supplies or text books will not be considered.
  • Grant requests must define specific goals and include a plan that allows the impact of the program to be assessed. The evaluation should include the number of students that will benefit from the project or program and costs associated with the project.

Funding for the following items will generally be excluded unless essential to the success of the program:

  • Videos or DVDs
  • Office equipment or furniture
  • Computers, SMART boards, projectors, televisions or iPads
  • Athletic, extracurricular or service learning activities or equipment
  • Multi-media equipment such as digital cameras and video equipment

Eligible public schools (grades Pre-K thru 12) must be located within one of the 20 counties below and have a “Rural” Urban-Centric Locale Code from the National Center for Education Statistics, or be one of the original school districts designated by Carolyn Watson.

Eligible counties: Adair, Atoka, Bryan, Caddo, Cherokee, Choctaw, Coal, Greer, Harmon, Haskell, Jackson, Johnston, Kiowa, Latimer, Le Flore, McCurtain, Pushmataha, Sequoyah, Tillman, Washita

Specifically, the following 120 school districts are eligible:

Adair County (9): Cave Springs, Dahlonegah, Greasy, Maryetta, Peavine, Rocky Mountain, Watts, Westville, Zion

Atoka County (6): Atoka, Caney, Harmony, Lane, Stringtown, Tushka

Bryan County (7): Bennington, Caddo, Calera, Colbert, Rock Creek, Silo

Caddo County (10): Binger-Oney, Boone-Apache, Carnegie, Cement, Cyril, Fort Cobb-Broxton, Gracemont, Hinton, Hydro-Eakly, Lookeba-Sickles

Cherokee County (10): Briggs, Grand View, Hulbert, Keys, Lowrey, Norwood, Peggs, Shady Grove, Tenkiller, Woodall

Choctaw County (5): Boswell, Fort Towson, Grant, Soper, Swink

Coal County (3): Coalgate, Cottonwood, Tupelo

Greer County (1): Granite

Harmon County (1): Hollis

Haskell County (4): Keota, Kinta, McCurtain, Whitefield

Jackson County (5): Blair, Duke, Eldorado, Navajo, Olustee

Johnston County (6): Coleman, Mannsville, Milburn, Mill Creek, Ravia, Wapanucka

Kiowa County (4): Hobart, Lone Wolf, Mountain View-Gotebo, Snyder

Latimer County (3): Buffalo Valley, Panola, Red Oak

Leflore County (12): Bokoshe, Cameron, Fanshawe, Hodgen, Howe, LeFlore, Monroe, Panama, Pocola, Talihina, Whitesboro, Wister

McCurtain County (11): Battiest, Denison, Eagletown, Forest Grove, Glover, Haworth, Holly Creek, Lukfata, Smithville, Valliant, Wright City

Pushmataha County (7): Albion, Antlers, Clayton, Moyers, Nashoba, Rattan, Tuskahoma

Sequoyah County (9): Belfonte, Brushy, Gans, Gore, Liberty, Marble City, Moffett, Muldrow, Vian

Tillman County (3): Davidson, Grandfield, Tipton

Washita County (4): Burns Flat-Dill City, Canute, Corn Bible Academy, Sentinel

Application Process

  1. Develop a project that fits the guidelines including your curriculum objective. Develop a budget and timeline. Please include in your budget the number of students that will benefit from your proposed project. Review the project with the principal and others to be involved.
  2. Send email to e.warren@occf.org for access to the online application. Complete the online application form including all attachments. Please include the signature of all participating teachers and the principal.
  3. Deadline to submit the online application is 5:00 p.m. on September 1, 2017. A committee of professional educators will provide initial review and recommendation with final approval by the Trustees of the Carolyn Watson Rural Oklahoma Community Foundation.
  4. Notifications will be sent to all applicants by Nov. 1, 2017. Funds will be available when the contract signed by the superintendent of the district is received by the Carolyn Watson Rural Oklahoma Community Foundation.
  5. The final report will be due by June 1, 2018 for projects requested for the 2017-2018 academic year.

The goal of the Carolyn Watson Rural Oklahoma Community Foundation Classroom Enhancement Grant program is to enhance the classroom experience for rural students by providing opportunities designed to enrich traditional curriculum. The resources below offer a variety of ideas and opportunities in the program’s three focus areas that we hope will assist you in developing your project.

Arts and Humanities
Oklahoma Resources:

Online Resources:

Oklahoma Resources:

Online Resources:

Oklahoma Resources:

Online Resources:

Recent Grants
In the fall of 2016, the trustees of the Carolyn Watson Rural Oklahoma Community Foundation approved $81,039 in grants to 24 public schools located in rural Oklahoma:

Atoka Elementary School (Atoka County)
Experiencing Oklahoma field trips (Second Phase) - $2,855
To provide fourth-grade students the opportunity to explore literacy, history, art and music of Oklahoma through field trips and other activities.

Bokoshe Public School (Le Flore County)
Tigers’ Wacky Weather Forecasters - $2,098
To enhance the science curriculum to include meteorology, the dangers of tornadoes, early warning signs and precautions, and to support fields trips for seventh through ninth-grade students to the National Weather Center at the University of Oklahoma.

Boone-Apache Elementary (Caddo County)
Get Rhythm (Drums Alive) - $2,585
To enhance the art and music curriculum by incorporating the use of rhythm sticks, exercise balls and basketballs teaching the technique of rhythm and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Canute Public School (Washita County)
Engaging Readers and Writers - $1,672
To enhance the library's collection for pre-K through eighth-grade students, replacing well-worn favorite books as well as purchasing new, requested book series.

Carnegie Elementary (Caddo County)
Wheat and Canola Plot - $1,072
To enrich the science curriculum for first through second-grade students by providing an outdoor science classroom allowing students to experience the planting of wheat and canola seeds, observe growth, measure and observe each crops' life cycle.

Corn Bible Academy (Washita County)
Performing Arts Stage Upgrades - $3,142
To upgrade the performing arts stage and equipment to provide seventh through 12th-grade students the opportunity to participate in performing arts productions.

Cottonwood Public School (Coal County)
Science STEM - $1,135
To enhance science curriculum for third through eighth-grade students through earth, physical and life science STEM labs and provide a field trip to the Sam Noble Museum where students will participate in interactive educational programs.

Denison Elementary School (McCurtain County)
Arts Alive! - $3,814
To enhance arts and science curriculum for pre-K through eighth-grade students through an interactive science presentation, a musical concert, a writers workshop and a theatrical performance.

EE Emerson Elementary School – Coalgate Public Schools (Coal County)
Reading Eggs: A Comprehensive Approach to Balanced Literacy by Edmentum - $1,096
To provide an online reading program for pre-K through first-grade students and students in the special education department that includes phonics lessons, games and e-books.

Fort Towson High School (Choctaw County)
Integrated Thematic Unit - Reader's Theater for Secondary Schools - $3,514
To enhance classroom learning libraries and reading centers with classic works by Shakespeare, which will integrate into the ninth through 12th-grade English curriculum.

Fort Towson High School (Choctaw County)
Our Lake and Streams - $5,000
To enhance science curriculum for seventh through 12th-grade students through a local research project studying nearby Lake Raymond Gary and the three main streams that make up its watershed.

Gracemont High School (Caddo County)
Integrated Earth, Space & Life Science/Weather, Water, Rockets and Freshwater Microbiology - $3,430
To enhance science curriculum for all grade levels, teaching concepts of weather, climate, atmosphere, biology and ecology through the purchase of buoyancy/density kits, digital microscopes, weather guides, rocket kits and protozoa sets.

Haworth Elementary (McCurtain County)
Scientist in ME! - $4,980
To enhance science curriculum through the development of a STEM research lab to assist in developing thinking, reasoning, teamwork, investigative and creative skills among fifth-grade students.

Howe High School (Le Flore County)
Outdoor Learning Center - $5,000
To expand the science learning opportunities through the creation of an aquaponics greenhouse integrating horticulture, plant science, ecology, agriculture, nutrition and STEM-focused projects.

Lane Public School (Atoka County)
Camp Goddard Experience - $4,617
To allow 23 sixth-grade students and four middle school teachers to attend The Camp Goddard Experience, a cross-curricular, outdoor environmental classroom integrating science, social studies, Oklahoma history, reading and writing, art and physical education.

Lane Public School (Atoka County)
Vine House Garden- $1,583
To provide outdoor learning experiences for pre-K students through the purchase a vine house garden in which plants can be planted and grown vertically.

Lukfata School (McCurtain County)
Famous Americans Wax Museum - $3,410
To incorporate a cross-curricular historical research project in which fifth-grade students will research a famous historical American figure and present their research to their peers. The project will include purchasing nonfiction library books, a Living History and Traveling Trunk presentation from the Oklahoma Historical Society and a field trip to the Famous Americans Wax Museum.

Panola Public School (Latimer County)
Tim Tingle, Native American Storyteller - $1,000
For a school presentation by Native American Storyteller Tim Tingle and the purchase of new library books.

Pocola Middle School (Le Flore County)
STEM Integration - Building a Makerspace - $4,406
To integrate hands-on STEM curriculum for seventh through ninth-grade students through the development of a new “makerspace” allowing students to design and create manufactured works.

Talihina Public School (Le Flore County)
Dream Big: Empowering Teen Readers - $5,000
To provide a classroom library for each subject area classroom and add specific books in the library to enhance all curricular areas for seventh through 12th-grade students.

Talihina Public School (Le Flore County)
Improved Reading Success - $2,385
To purchase reading materials specific to different learning styles such as visual, auditory and tactile to create a learning environment to help students with learning disabilities improve their reading skills.

Tupelo Elementary School (Coal County)
Making Memories with Myers: An Oklahoma Author Study - $1,300
To introduce the works of Oklahoma author Anna Myers to fourth and fifth-grade students including purchasing novels for students and an in-school author visit.

Tushka High School (Atoka County)
Science, Math and Nutrition across the Curriculum - $4,500
To enhance science curriculum through science experiments to access the nutritional value of food and learn about the differences of growing organically and through hydroponics.

Vian Elementary (Sequoyah County)
Ready for Robotics: Catapulting our Students in the Technology Age - $2,000
To expand third-grade student’s knowledge and understanding of technology and science through robotics and computer programming.

West Ward Elementary – Colbert Public School (Bryan County)
Scientists Read! - $1,615
To expose first through third-grade students to current science trends and topics through the use of Science magazines, classroom experimentation, online activities, classroom discussions and the development of Science Activity Folder Centers.

Whitefield Public Schools (Haskell County)
STEMulating Minds with Measurement and Music - $4,528.28
To provide hands-on learning opportunities for pre-K through eighth-grade students through the implementation of measuring and music equipment, as well as science-based field trips to the Jasmine Moran Children's Museum and Science Museum Oklahoma.

Will Rogers Elementary – Burns Flat-Dill City School District (Washita County)
Drum Circle - $3,299
To enhance the music program for first through fifth-grade students by purchasing drums to incorporate a drum circle which will encourage teamwork, listening skills and will be used to teach musical elements and drumming techniques.