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Classroom Enhancement Grants

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Next grant deadline: Sept. 4, 2018

The Carolyn Watson Rural Oklahoma Community Foundation was started in 1995 to improve the quality of life in designated rural communities in southern Oklahoma. The Trustees established the Classroom Enhancement Grant Program to enhance the classroom experience in selected rural school districts in Oklahoma.

Grants of up to $5,000 are available to eligible public school classrooms, grades pre-K through 12, for enhancement projects that provide an opportunity to enrich the teaching environment in the following areas: 1)Arts and Humanities, 2) Science or 3) Literacy. Projects should be integrated into the academic curriculum and provide students with a significant opportunity to expand their knowledge or understanding in the specific area of study.

Application Process

  1. Develop a project that fits the guidelines including your curriculum objective. Develop a budget and timeline. Please include in your budget the number of students that will benefit from your proposed project. Review the project with the principal and others to be involved.
  2. Send email to e.warren@occf.org for access to the online application. Complete the online application form including all attachments. Please include the signature of all participating teachers and the principal.
  3. Deadline to submit the online application is 5:00 p.m. on Sept. 4, 2018.

The Oklahoma City Community Foundation administers this grant program for the Trustees of the Carolyn Watson Rural Oklahoma Community Foundation. Please contact Erika Warren at 405/606-2920 or e.warren@occf.org if you have any questions or need any additional information.

Funding for the following items will generally be excluded unless essential to the success of the program:

  • Videos or DVDs
  • Office equipment or furniture
  • Computers, SMART boards, projectors, televisions or iPads
  • Athletic, extracurricular or service learning activities or equipment
  • Multi-media equipment such as digital cameras and video equipment

Eligible public schools (grades Pre-K thru 12) must be located within one of the 20 counties below and have a “Rural” Urban-Centric Locale Code from the National Center for Education Statistics, or be one of the original school districts designated by Carolyn Watson.

Eligible counties: Adair, Atoka, Bryan, Caddo, Cherokee, Choctaw, Coal, Greer, Harmon, Haskell, Jackson, Johnston, Kiowa, Latimer, Le Flore, McCurtain, Pushmataha, Sequoyah, Tillman, Washita

Specifically, the following school districts are eligible to apply:

Adair County: Belfonte, Cave Springs, Dahlonegah, Greasy, Maryetta, Peavine, Watts, Westville, Zion

Atoka County: Atoka, Caney, Harmony, Lane, Stringtown, Tushka

Bryan County: Achille, Bennington, Caddo, Colbert, Rock Creek, Silo

Caddo County: Binger-Oney, Apache, Carnegie, Cement, Cyril, Fort Cobb-Broxton, Gracemont, Hinton, Lookeba-Sickles

Cherokee County: Briggs, Grand View, Hulbert, Keys, Lowrey, Norwood, Peggs, Shady Grove, Tenkiller, Woodall

Choctaw County: Boswell, Fort Towson, Hugo, Soper, Swink

Coal County: Coalgate, Cottonwood, Tupelo

Greer County: Granite, Lakeside

Harmon County: Hollis

Haskell County: Keota, Kinta, McCurtain, Whitefield

Jackson County: Blair, Duke, Navajo, Olustee

Johnston County: Coleman, Mannsville, Milburn, Mill Creek, Ravia, Tishomingo, Wapanucka

Kiowa County: Lone Wolf, Mountain View-Gotebo, Snyder

Latimer County: Buffalo Valley, Panola, Red Oak

Le Flore County: Bokoshe, Cameron, Fanshawe, Hodgen, Le Flore, Monroe, Panama, Pocola, Spiro, Talihina, Whitesboro, Wister

McCurtain County: Battiest, Eagletown, Forest Grove, Glover, Haworth, Holly Creek, Lukfata, Smithville, Valliant, Wright City

Pushmataha County: Albion, Antlers, Clayton, Moyers, Nashoba, Rattan, Tuskahoma

Sequoyah County: Belfonte, Brushy, Central, Gans, Gore, Liberty, Marble City, Moffett, Muldrow, Vian

Tillman County: Grandfield, Oklahoma Youth Academy, Tipton

Washita County: Burns Flat-Dill City, Canute, Sentinel

The goal of the Carolyn Watson Rural Oklahoma Community Foundation Classroom Enhancement Grant program is to enhance the classroom experience for rural students by providing opportunities designed to enrich traditional curriculum. The resources below offer a variety of ideas and opportunities in the program’s three focus areas that we hope will assist you in developing your project.

Arts and Humanities
Oklahoma Resources:

Online Resources:

Oklahoma Resources:

Online Resources:

Oklahoma Resources:

Online Resources:

Recent Grants
In the fall of 2017, the trustees of the Carolyn Watson Rural Oklahoma Community Foundation approved $70,321 in grants to 26 public schools located in rural Oklahoma:

Battiest Public School (McCurtain County)
First LEGO League Jr. – $2,226
To purchase supplies needed for first through third-grade students to learn STEM concepts using LEGOs.

Belfonte Elementary (Sequoyah County)
Learning with “PAWS” on Experience - $1,040
To enhance STEM curriculum for first through fourth-grade students with hands-on experiments offered through a variety of field trip opportunities.

Caney High School (Atoka County)
Cell Exploration - Human, Animal, or Plant - $3,900
To enrich science curriculum for ninth through 11th-grade students through the study of cell and molecular science, and to fund a field trip to Science Museum Oklahoma.

Canute Public Schools (Washita County)
Attracting Teens to Literature - $1,750
To improve literacy for eighth through 12th-grade students through the purchase of new library books and introduce students to an Oklahoma author through an in-school author visit.

Coalgate Public Schools (Bryan County)
The Wild Side of Things - $935
To enhance science curriculum for third through 12th-grade students through the study of animal biology, ecology and geology at the Arbuckle Wilderness.

Colbert Eastward Elementary (Bryan County)
StoryWorks Classroom Subscription - $1,641
To increase literacy for second, fourth and fifth-grade classes through the purchase of eight monthly periodicals that provide skill sheets, writing prompts, online resources and curriculum enhancement.

Colbert Westward Elementary (Bryan County)
To Tell You the Tooth - $5,000
To enhance science curriculum through the study of animal teeth at the Museum of Osteology and to purchase audio-visual equipment to integrate online resources and activities into classroom learning.

Coleman Public Schools (Johnston County)
First-Tech Challenge Team - $5,000
To enrich arts and science learning opportunities through the purchase of a laptop and 3D printer that will allow for seventh through 12th-grade students to participate in a robotics competition.

Cottonwood Public School (Coal County)
STEM Education - $1,600
To enhance science curriculum for kindergarten through eighth-grade students through hands-on STEM labs offered through the Museum of Osteology.

E.E. Emerson Elementary (Coal County)
Literature Club Enhancements - $2,091
To improve literacy for fifth and sixth-grade students by purchasing books to establish literature clubs.

Gore Elementary School (Sequoyah County)
Meet the Author - $1,203
To enrich literacy curriculum for second through fifth-grade students through in-school author visit.

Gore High School (Sequoyah County)
Illuminating Minds by Illuminating Art - $2,000
To enhance arts and literacy curriculum for ninth through 12th-grade students through the study of manuscripts and the presentation of student manuscripts at an art/literature show.

Howe Middle School (LeFlore County)
Outdoor Learning Center Phase II - $5,000
To enhance STEM curriculum for sixth through 12th-grade students through the expansion of an outdoor classroom and improvements to an existing aquaponics system.

Keys Elementary (Cherokee County)
Oklahoma Author Visit - $1,500
To introduce first through sixth-grade students to Oklahoma author Tammi Sauer through an in-school author visit including three presentations.

LeFlore Public Schools (LeFlore County)
Space Challenge & Design Engineering - $4,793
To enrich science learning opportunities for fifth through ninth-grade students through the purchase of robotics supplies needed for students to design, build, program and test robots.

Muldrow Elementary (Sequoyah County)
Field Trips - $1,390
To enhance arts and science curriculum for pre-K students through interactive field trip opportunities.

Navajo Elementary (Jackson County)
Mad Science - $2,006
To enhance science curriculum for fourth through eighth-grade students through an interactive laboratory science in-class workshop.

Red Oak Public Schools (Latimer County)
Build- Code-Learn - $4,793
To purchase supplies needed for fifth through eighth-grade students to learn STEM concepts using LEGOs.

Red Oak Public Schools (Latimer County)
Outdoor Learning Center - $4,933
To enrich STEM learning opportunities through the creation of an outdoor aquaponics system that will allow fifth through 12th-grade students to study plant science and food chemistry.

Rocky Mountain School (Adair County)
Learning Through an Unfield Trip - $1,000
To enhance arts and science curriculum for pre-K through fourth-grade students through field trips offering hands-on learning experiences.

Talihina Elementary (LeFlore County)
ALL Students Can Learn to Read - $5,000
To improve literacy for pre-K through sixth-grade students, including those who are disabled, through the purchase of literary supplies and tools.

Tupelo Elementary (Coal County)
Tiger Literacy Fair - $900
To provide supplies needed for third through fifth-grade students to showcase books they have read through a student-organized book fair.

Tushka High School (Atoka County)
Stars, Planets and Space Illumination! - $4,000
To enhance arts and science curriculum for seventh through 12th-grade students through the purchase of telescopes, planetariums and laptops that will be used to study astronomy and analyze data.

Vian Elementary School (Sequoyah County)
Greenhouse Project - $4,000
To enrich science learning opportunities for kindergarten through eighth-grade students through the purchase of supplies needed to build a greenhouse and plant vegetables.

Will Rogers Elementary (Washita County)
Broadway Musical “AnnieKids” - $1,043
To enhance the arts for pre-K through sixth-grade students by purchasing the materials needed for students to study and produce the “AnnieKids” play.

Wister Elementary School (LeFlore County)
Classroom Library and Book Club - $600
To improve literacy and encourage reading for seventh through 12th-grade students through the purchase of new books.

Wister Public Schools (LeFlore County)
Engaging Students with Hydroponics - $979
To enhance STEM curriculum for first through fourth-grade students by building a classroom hydroponics system that will grow fruit and vegetables to be cooked by students in the classroom kitchen.