PO Box in Signature

Bar to copy/paste into Outlook Signature

New Mailing Address, No longer use PO Box 1146


  1. To modify your main full signature:
    Highlight image and copy to clipboard (ctrl+ C)
  2. Open Outlook
  3. In the “Tell me what you want to do” bar at the top, type “Signature.”
  4. In the menu, click “Signatures.”
  5. Under the social links, hit enter a couple times and paste the image (ctrl+ V)
  6. Click OK for now.
  7. To create a replies-only partial signature:
    Return to signatures panel (step 3).
  8. Copy just the partial signature text above the image.
  9. Click New to make a new reply signature, and title it “Replies”
  10. Paste in the partial signature
  11. Select Replies for replies.