Oklahoma City Tree Inventory Project to Help Evaluate Benefits of Trees

Do you know the value of the trees in your backyard? Thanks to a recent gift from the Oklahoma City Community Foundation, Oklahoma City residents will soon have access to an online database allowing them to map their residence and estimate the environmental and economic value of the trees on their property.

This unique public mapping tool is just one of the many benefits of the comprehensive tree inventory that is currently underway in Oklahoma City. Supported through gifts from the Oklahoma City Community Foundation and the Oklahoma Department of Forestry Services, the tree inventory project began in May and will geo-locate up to 20,000 trees in designated Oklahoma City parks, medians and along trails. Once complete, the data will provide the Oklahoma City Parks and Recreation Department with a detailed analysis of the health and condition of trees in our public spaces allowing park planners to better plan for the future.

Learn more about the ongoing tree inventory project in a recent segment of Oklahoma Gardening featuring Brian Dougherty with the Oklahoma City Community Foundation’s Parks & Public Space Initiative.