Endowed Nonprofit Directory

A Simpler, Easier Way to Research Charitable Giving

To make it easier and simpler for our donors to connect with our nonprofit partners, we’re upgrading our technology and integrating it with OCCF’s donor database to create a new Endowed Nonprofit Directory. This will provide information in real-time, so it’s right at your fingertips.

FAQ: Our New Endowed Nonprofit Directory

What do I have to do to be a part of the new Nonprofit Directory?

For our endowed partners, not a thing. OCCF migrated the information from your GiveSmartOKC profile into the new Nonprofit Directory. We have the full support of our software vendor and, together, are committed to developing a platform that provides maximum benefit without pushing an enormous burden on you. When the Nonprofit Directory is launched, we’ll ask you to check our work and help make any changes that might not have made the switch to the new system.

I’ve donated to a nonprofit through GiveSmartOKC before, but I’m not seeing that organization now. Where is that information?

Only organizations that have an endowment with OCCF are accessible through the Nonprofit Directory at this time. We haven’t forgotten about our other nonprofit neighbors who had profiles in the GiveSmartOKC system. Our goal is to expand the Nonprofit Directory in the future. We recommend that donors use a trusted tool, GuideStar by Candid, to facilitate your research needs while we make these exciting changes.

Does this change impact the way nonprofits manage their endowments or how donations are made to these funds?

No. The Charitable Organization Endowment program has been a part of the Community Foundation in some form since its beginnings in 1969. Over the years, it has evolved and changed, but it has always been focused on providing reliable annual revenue for Oklahoma City’s nonprofits. We are unique in the community foundation world in the breadth and depth of programmatic resources we provide through this program. Whether it’s a decades-old endowment fund or one that is just getting started, it’s an exceptional tool that comes with a team at OCCF focused on helping leverage an endowment toward its greatest benefit.

Will this change impact our nonprofit’s grant applications now or in the future?

No. OCCF’s grants management platform already integrates more substantially with GuideStar, so any time spent on your GuideStar profile will alleviate some grant application time. For more information about this, reach out to your program officer at OCCF.

I have a GiveSmartOKC link on my webpage – what should I do?

The quickest course of action is to remove the link. As of June 30, it will redirect here.

How can I promote my organization?

It’s no secret – donors love transparency! By ensuring your organization has an up-to-date GuideStar profile, you show a commitment to transparency and ensure donors know exactly where their money is going: to your mission!

Once your profile is complete, share your Seal of Transparency everywhere! On social, in newsletters, and even on the footer of your website!

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