Investment Performance

Investment Management

Since our founding in 1969, the Oklahoma City Community Foundation has served as central Oklahoma’s leading advocate for building endowment funds through both support from donors, as well as sound investment and distribution strategies.

Investment Philosophy

Our four major objectives:

  • Capital preservation
  • Inflation protection
  • Continuing source of annual distribution for charitable purposes
  • Investment return in the top third of professionally managed funds
  • Investment Policy and Guidelines

Investment Responsibility

Responsibility for investment policy and manager selection rests with our investment committee, which includes Trustees, former Trustees and community leaders with strong investment expertise who volunteer their time and knowledge.

Our investment committee hires investment managers or utilizes index funds. We use three active managers; two for equities and one for fixed income investments. In addition, we utilize a number of passive funds in particular asset classes.

The investment committee, along with investment counsel from Goldman Sachs, determines asset allocation between equities and fixed income and remains disciplined in emphasizing diversification of assets, quality investments and a long-term perspective.

Our Committee

The committee for Fiscal Year 2024:

  • Shelley Maxted, Chair
  • Mike Collison
  • Dr. Russell Evans
  • James Ma
  • Dr. Ken Miller
  • David Stanley
  • Charles Wiggin
  • Steven C. Davis, Ex Officio
  • Paul Dudman, Ex Officio
  • Mark Funke, Ex Officio
  • Kirkland Hall, Ex Officio
  • Christian Keesee, Ex Officio

How Are Our Endowment Funds Invested?

Oklahoma City Community Foundation invests your funds within our investment pool. Both active managers and index funds are managed to add value while keeping the cost low. Historically, our investment fees are less than 15 basis points (15/100 of 1 percent), which is much less than the typical fee for managed funds or mutual funds.

For advised funds and affiliated funds with a balance of $250,000 or more, one additional investment options is available: 100 percent equity pool. This option has greater equity exposure compared to the general investment pool.

How Are Our Endowment Funds Distributed?

Our prudent spending policy is designed to allow funds to capitalize on good investment years, as well as protect the value of the fund in low or negative return markets. The majority of permanent endowment funds we administer receive annual distributions of 5 percent of the fund’s average market value for the previous 12 quarters as of March 31. The remaining investment return adds value to the corpus of the fund, protecting from inflation and creating a more predictable and stable annual distribution.

Investment Performance Results

10-Year Performance History

Current Fiscal: July 1, 2023 – March 31, 2024.
FY2024 Example: July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023.

» Benchmark: Equity performance is compared to the Russell 3000 stock index and the MSCI ACWI exUS International equity index; fixed income performance is compared to the Barclays Capital Government/Credit Intermediate bond index (Barclays Capital G/C/Int), and total return is compared to a composite of these three indices.

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