Investment Performance (Graphina test)

Data Labels

The following 3 charts are comparing different types of data labels.  They’re using Google Sheets / remote CSV for data.

Mixed Chart

We like the mixed chart, but the data labels are too busy with the strokes around the boxes, and can’t change the backgrounds of the data labels.

Line Chart

We also like the line chart, but the data labels are too busy — very similar to same issues of the mixed chart.

Bar Chart

The data labels on the bar chart are very clean.  Would like the other charts to be closer to this.

Counter Charts

Would it be possible to use Google Sheets data / remote CSV to update these numbers?

Scholarship Opportunities

in awards

Nearly 1,000 scholarship recipients in 74 of 77 Oklahoma counties

Total Assets

Total Number of Funds

Dollars in Grants & Distributions

Dollars in Incoming Gifts from Donors

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