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Access to Health Care

Grants are awarded to charitable organizations providing basic and preventive health care to individuals who would not otherwise have access to such services.
Grant Application Deadline: April 2, 2018
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2017 Grants

A Chance to Change - $24,000 for a telehealth project to provide remote substance abuse and mental health therapy sessions for clients who unable to attend in-person treatment.

Fundacion Manos Juntas - $21,000 to support a diabetes management and education program for diabetic and pre-diabetic patients at the Manos Juntas Free Clinic in Oklahoma City.

Harold Hamm Diabetes Center at OUHSC - $25,000 to expand a diabetes prevention program for individuals at risk for developing Type 2 diabetes.

Latino Community Development Agency - $30,000 to provide breast and cervical cancer education, screening, referrals and comprehensive patient navigation for Hispanic women in central Oklahoma.

Neighborhood Services Organization - $40,000 for a dental outreach and education program for low-income children and adults throughout Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma Dental Foundation - $40,000 to support the MobileSmiles dental clinic providing dental treatment and preventative oral health education to low-income children at Oklahoma City Public Schools.

Skyline Urban Ministry - $5,000 to support a wellness program providing health screenings, education, nutrition and physical activities for at-risk citizens.

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