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Frequently Asked Questions

Before completing an iFund grant application please review the points below:

Meeting need in community
Is your project’s target group within specified age range identified in the guidelines? (NOTE: the Access to Health Care iFund does not distinguish an age range.)

Do services provide opportunities specifically for disadvantaged population or one without access to services?

Is target group identified specifically (not just inclusive)?

Do services meet a community need? Describe the need for your services and provide current local data to support your case.

Is there an effective marketing outreach for the target group?

Project quality
Describe how services impact the quality of life of the target group.

Is project a unique opportunity for the target group?

Does your organization have experience in working with the target group? To show credibility, discuss your past success with similar projects.

Effective use of resources
Are dollars requested related directly to services provided?

Does the grant increase or expand capacity (serve more people)?

Is there collaboration with two or more organizations. Show how you will collaborate with other organizations to use resources effectively?

Are other resources leveraged to fund program. What attempts have been made to secure resources?

Project evaluation
Are there clearly stated goals and a strategy to reach the goals?

Is there a specific method to measure progress? Make sure you provide baseline numbers and projected numerical goals.

What are the potential long-term outcomes?

Is there a plan to sustain project after iFund funding is complete?

Are there a variety of funding sources for this particular project? To show sustainability, can your organization provide matching funds?

Are these additional funding sources already secured?

Organizational capacity
Does your organization have the capacity to complete the project as proposed?

Is there 100 percent participation in board giving (monetary)?