Opportunities for Children

iFund Grantees

Grants awarded to charitable organizations that provide direct services for children birth to age 14 and offer access to enrichment opportunities that otherwise would not be available.

Application Process

More info, including the grant guidelines, will become available closer to the grant opening date.

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Important Dates

  • Grant Application Opens: Monday, January 29, 2024
  • Grant Information Meeting: 3 p.m. on Tuesday, February 20, 2024
  • Letter of Interest (LOI) Deadline: 5 p.m. on Friday, March 15, 2024
  • Grant Application Deadline: 5 p.m. on Friday, March 22, 2024
  • Decision Notification Timeline: End of May 2024



If my organization received an Opportunities for Children iFund grant last year, am I eligible to apply this year?

You may reapply this year if the following conditions have been met:

  • The funds have been fully expended
  • All follow-up grant reports have been submitted
  • The program successfully met its goals
My organization has a current grant through one of the other iFund opportunities (Access to Health Care or Services for Older Adults.) Am I eligible to apply for the Opportunities for Children iFund grant?

Yes, but only if it is for a different program. We will not consider funding the same program with two different iFund grants.

Can an organization submit a Letter of Interest or grant application for more than one project during a single iFund grant cycle?

No. OCCF will accept only one application from an organization during a single ifund grant cycle.

Are applications submitted online?

We have moved to a new grant management program. Both the Letter of Interest and Application will be submitted through our online grant portal.

Check out the top of this page for more info!

Will the organizations that apply receive notification if they are not approved?

Yes, all organizations that submit an application will be notified of funding decisions by the Notification of Funding Decision date above.

What is the logic model which is referenced in the grant application and follow-up reporting?

A logic model is a visual tool that depicts the shared relationship between the resources, activities, outputs, outcomes and the intended impact of the program. Click here to view the logic model.

Recent Grants

Arts Council Oklahoma City – $10,000 for educational arts experiences supporting cognitive, social and creative development of youth attending the Boys and Girls Clubs of Oklahoma County.

Canterbury Youth Voices – $5,000 to support an after-school music education outreach program for elementary students in south Oklahoma City.

Citizens Caring for Children – $20,000 to provide basic necessities to youth in foster care through the Citizens Caring for Children Resource Center.

City Care, Inc. – $30,000 to help teacher liaisons create individualized learning plans for Whiz Kids mentors and their mentees.

Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma – $25,000 to revitalize and expand troops in Oklahoma City Public Schools’ middle schools.

Last Frontier Council – $20,000 to expand their scouting outreach program in underserved metropolitan elementary schools and neighborhoods.

Oklahoma Children’s Hospital – $15,000 to provide art, STEM and innovation experiences for youth undergoing dialysis.

Oklahoma Children’s Theatre – $12,000 to implement an early literacy program for preschoolers through stories and dramatic play.

Oklahoma City Ballet – $15,000 to support the BalletReach program bringing dance education to students with limited opportunities.

Oklahoma City Police Athletic League – $40,000 to support an athletics-based youth mentorship program for underserved, inner-city students.

Parent Promise – $10,000 to purchase books, developmental activity materials and educational toys for preschoolers.

Riversport Foundation – $20,000 to provide free or low-cost outdoor recreational activities to underrepresented youth in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area.

Special Care, Inc. – $12,000 to purchase musical instruments and performance equipment to be used by preschoolers with and without disabilities.

Thick Descriptions – $10,000 to support a summer enrichment program focusing on science, technology, engineering, anthropology and math.

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