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Simple, Effective, Forever is more than our motto; it’s the way we do business with every nonprofit, donor and stakeholder. By investing in this place and the people who live here, we help bring people together to find solutions to some of the biggest issues affecting our community.


A dedicated public servant and Oklahoma icon, Willa D. Johnson had a dream for Oklahoma. The former city councilwoman and Oklahoma County Commissioner dreamed of a recreation center in the community she served in NE OKC. See how a grant from OCCF will help anyone who wants to enjoy the new facility housed at Douglas Park.

Fund for OKC

Working each year to meet the most pressing needs of our community and create lasting change is what the fund makes possible. Join OCCF and other donors to make a larger collective impact on our community’s needs today and tomorrow.
The Combs Urban League Advised Funds Impact

Make An Immediate Impact

We make the biggest impact when we all join together to address important issues. Our Community Grants Program works the same way. By donating to this Program, funds can be directed to our community’s most pressing needs.

Older Adults

Encouraging health and reducing social isolation are key to helping older individuals remain independent and in their own homes. This fund helps support programs and activities that provide direct services to individuals 65 years and older so they can continue to live independent and full lives.


Kids love to explore and discover science, art, athletics and books. This fund makes programs and services available that provide enrichment opportunities for children up to 14 who may not otherwise have the opportunity to participate.

Health Care

Basic and preventative health care are cornerstones of growing a healthier community. This program helps make programs and services available to people who would not otherwise have access to these services due to economic, social or geographic reasons.

Culture & Community

Cultural experiences have the power to bring people together, foster collaboration, expand knowledge, spark innovation and even improve the quality of life. This fund supports programs, projects and activities that promote, preserve and utilize Oklahoma’s unique cultural fabric to inspire community participation and cohesion.

Parks & Public Spaces

Green spaces, parks and trees are essential for healthy communities. Through this fund, OCCF partners with neighborhoods, municipalities, schools and community organizations to support the beautification, development and activation of parks, trails and other public lands.

More Ways to Give

El Reno Mobile Meals volunteers prepare meals for homebound older adults.

Make Your Gift Go Further

Various donors choose to help nonprofits grow their endowment funds through a Matching Program that offers new donors the opportunity to magnify their gifts while also providing nonprofits income for life.

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