Fund Options

As a donor to the Oklahoma City Community Foundation, you can make gifts to existing funds or you can establish a charitable fund. It all depends on what you want to accomplish. Below is an overview of our fund options.

Advised Funds: Legacy, Gift & Express Funds
If you are considering a charitable fund through which you and your family could support specific nonprofit organizations or projects, then an advised fund may be an appropriate choice. We offer three advised fund options including two that are not permanent funds.
Legacy Fund Policy
Gift Fund Policy
Express Fund Policy
Scholarship & Award Funds
If your goal is to provide scholarships to worthy students, then establishing a scholarship endowment fund is the right option. Scholarship funds provide a unique way to honor or memorialize individuals as well as support the educational aspirations of others. We administer the state’s largest independent scholarship program that generates more than 700 awards a year.  The scholarship funds are as varied as they are generous. You can review the funds here.
Scholarship & Award Fund Policy Statement
Funds for Charitable Organizations
Charitable organizations may establish a permanent endowment fund that will generate an annual distribution back to the organization. Donors can also create a permanent endowment fund for a favorite charitable organization. The Oklahoma City Community Foundation oversees the country’s largest charitable organization endowment program with more than 360 organizations participating. You can learn more about the program here as well as review a list of the organizations.
Charitable Organization Endowment Fund Policy Statement
Donor Designated Fund
A donor designated fund allows the donor to designate one or more charitable beneficiary organizations at the time a gift is made. Investment earnings are distributed each year based upon the original designation.
Donor Designated Fund Policy
Affiliated Funds
The Internal Revenue Code, through Section 509(a)(3), provides a means through which organizations similar in function and structure to private foundations and charitable trusts may have public charity status by being affiliated with a community foundation. The technical term for this is a supporting organization. The Oklahoma City Community Foundation uses the term Affiliated Fund for this type of organization. Affiliated funds may be established with a minimum of $1 million. Affiliated funds operate under a set of organizing documents and structure, which must be approved by the Trustees of the Oklahoma City Community Foundation.
Affiliated Fund Policy
Community Activity Fund and Field of Interest Fund
Through Community Activity Funds, we are able to provide support services for community activities that do not have an associated nonprofit organization to receive the charitable contributions or handle the dispersal of funds for the charitable activity. Click here to review current Community Activity Funds.

A Field of Interest Fund allows you to target grants to support a type of charitable need such as foster children, the environment, the arts, animal welfare or whatever you determine.
Field of Interest Fund Policy