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2018 Annual Report: Your Community Foundation

Nancy Anthony and Steven C. Agee
Oklahoma City Community Foundation President Nancy B. Anthony and Trustee Chair Steven C. Agee.

In 1969, John E. Kirkpatrick embarked on a journey to create a foundation for the community that would inspire others to give to charity. Nearly 50 years later, the Oklahoma City Community Foundation has grown to be an enduring resource for our community — a place where people can come together to make a difference, to make arts and culture flourish, to improve the well-being of our residents, to provide opportunities for those less fortunate and to create hope for the future.

For 49 years, one driving force has helped make our work possible. You. The 2018 Annual Report is dedicated to your generosity, your passion and your commitment to strengthening our community. In these pages, you’ll read stories of people just like you, who have joined together to make a greater impact in our community. In Your Community.

Growing Philanthropy Through Investment Performance

Since 1969, the Oklahoma City Community Foundation has worked with donors to create permanent endowments to serve the charitable needs of our community. Following the vision of our founder John Kirkpatrick, we have fostered the growth of these endowment funds through the stewardship of new gifts and sound investment and distribution practices.

Investment performance has significantly contributed to the growth of the Oklahoma City Community Foundation’s endowment assets. Each year, we receive new gifts from donors, and we make grants and distributions to community organizations through the endowment funds we administer. Since 2006, the Community Foundation has received $297 million in gifts and has granted more than $234 million back to the community. In the same time period, the market value of our assets increased from $485 million in 2006 to $850 million in 2016. More than 76 percent of this growth, or $302 million, was a result of investment performance.

Over time, steady investment performance provides a significant impact in the community. For example:

  • More than $444,000 in scholarships has been awarded to students formerly in Oklahoma’s foster care system from an endowment established in 1997 with a $211,000 gift from Willie Elizabeth Shipley’s estate. Today, this gift is worth $431,000 as a result of investment returns.
  • Since 1996, Sunbeam Family Services has received $153,000 in gifts to their charitable organization endowment fund. Today, these gifts are worth $245,000 and have provided $242,000 in distributions back to the organization.
  • In 1997, Red Earth received $101,000 in gifts to their charitable organization endowment fund. Today, the value of their endowment is $167,000, and they have received $182,000 in distributions from the investment return on these funds.

Investing our endowment assets for both security and long-term growth is just one of the many ways the Oklahoma City Community Foundation is growing philanthropy in our community. By establishing or giving to an endowment fund at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation, you can leverage investment performance to help your charitable gifts make a greater impact. To learn how we can help you grow your philanthropic impact, contact Joe Carter at 405/606-2914.