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Investing in Education Through Scholarships

Kelly Guyen with Linda Brinkworth and Phyllis Bennett
Phyllis Bennett (right) and daughter Linda Brinkworth (middle) are two scholarship donors who are helping Kelly Nguyen (left) follow her dreams. Photo by Brandon Snider.

The commonalities that exist between Owen Bennett and Kelly Nguyen aren’t easily recognizable. Owen, from Holdenville, Oklahoma, was a veteran, beloved husband and father of three. Kelly is a 2016 graduate of Edmond Memorial High School and is pursuing an engineering degree from Colorado School of Mines. Both Kelly and Owen, however, grew up in single-parent families. Both have witnessed the struggles faced by those who lack higher education, and both have been fearless and victorious when facing childhood adversities. Their past comparisons aren’t the only thing binding Kelly to Owen and his family, though. Kelly is a recipient of the Bennett Family Scholarship that is helping fund her education, overcome barriers and prepare her for a better future.

After Owen’s death in 2015, his wife, Phyllis, and their children, Linda, Lyle and Rob, wanted to establish a scholarship to reflect the values their family was built on and help single-parent students. Linda knew about the Oklahoma City Community Foundation and spoke with her attorney about the fund options. After they learned a scholarship fund required no administrative work from the family, they needed little convincing that it was the right path for them.

The Bennett Family Scholarship at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation benefits children of single parents who intend to pursue studies in the field of education, science, technology, engineering or mathematics. Each area of study is related to the career or background of a Bennett family member.

“We understand the financial hardships that single-parent families endure and we want to help,” said Linda. “The Bennett Family Scholarship mirrors our family values and what we stand for.”

Kelly says that receiving the scholarship has been a great source of inspiration and motivation.

“Overcoming the barriers in my childhood has motivated me to attain success at the highest level,” said Kelly. “Instead of letting my past define me, I learned to empower myself through improving my community and helping others. I intend to spend my life dedicated to that endeavor, and I take pride in these accomplishments that, ironically, derived from overcoming adversity.”

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The Rebirth of a City Park Helps a Community Recover

Four years ago, an EF5 tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma, tragically killing 24 people and destroying nearly everything in its path. Since that time, many community partners have come together to rebuild the city, proving that triumph truly can arise from tragedy.

“May 20, 2013, is a date that everybody remembers,” said Moore assistant city manager Todd Jensen. “It was devastating to the community.”

Jensen says the recovery process hasn’t been easy, but thanks to the help of countless volunteers and organizations, the city has been rebuilt one step at a time.

The restoration of Little River Park, located near the Warren Theater, is one example of the resiliency of the Moore community. The tornado ripped right through the center of the public park that serves the Plaza Tower Elementary School neighborhood.

“This park symbolizes the resiliency of Moore, the recovery,” Jensen said. “And not just recovering and going back to where we were, but being better than we were and stronger and more improved. With the things that we’ve been able to do with our partners here at Little River, we’re well on our way in doing that.”

Thanks to the Oklahoma City Community Foundation and a number of community partners, the park has not only been restored, but is growing into a lively community gathering spot. Learn how the rebirth of this city park is enhancing the recovery of the Moore community in a recent segment of Oklahoma Gardening.