Our Commitment to Your Clients

At the Foundation, we allow for third party management of funds, creating a useful conduit for Financial Advisors, Attorneys and CPAs.

Our role is to help advisors provide their clients with the best charitable giving strategies based on each client’s unique financial situation, family dynamics and giving goals.

We provide expert advice and technical information to advisors on a range of giving options – from donating non-cash assets to establishing different kinds of funds.

OCCF's Joe Carter and Financial Advisor Christin Mugg discuss tips for financial planning.

Attorney Kendra Robben recommends her clients to Oklahoma City Community Foundation to help meet their philanthropic needs.

Our Investment Philosophy

We have four major objectives:

  • Capital preservation
  • Inflation Protection
  • Continuing source of Annual Distribution for Charitable Purposes
  • Investment Return in the Top Third of Professionally Managed Funds
  • Investment Policy and Guidelines

How Do We Invest Funds?

We pool the majority of our assets together with other funds at the Community Foundation and invest them with both active managers and index funds to add value while keeping the cost low.

    • Historically, our investment fees are less than 15 basis points (15/100 of 1 percent), which is much lower than the typical fee for managed funds or mutual funds.
    • For advised funds and affiliated funds with a balance of $250,000 or more, we also offer a 100% equity investment pool, which has greater equity exposure compared to the general pool.

How Do We Distribute Funds?

We exercise a prudent spending policy designed to allow funds to capitalize on good investment years while protecting the value of the fund in low or negative return markets.

The majority of our permanent endowment funds receive annual distributions of 5% of the fund’s average market value for the previous 12 quarters

What We Offer

Make an Impact

Our various fund types provide your clients with a wide variety of opportunities to make an impact, varying from legacy funds that are excellent estate planning tools to gift funds that are great for tax planning.

Fund Options

Create a Legacy

Whether your clients are looking for a way to leave a legacy or planning for retirement, we offer many tools and resources to help you and your clients along the way.

Gift & Estate Planning

How Can We Help You?

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Helen Stone, CPA

Vice President of Administration