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OCCF’s Julie Dais meets with Advisor Max Rhodes, Full Sail Capital.

We’re the Philanthropy Experts

Our team has been partnering with professional advisors for more than 50 years, and we pride ourselves on working together to meet your clients’ charitable goals every single day.

What’s New in Charitable Giving?

Monitoring the Ongoing DAF Regulations

Monitoring the Ongoing DAF Regulations

We are committed to helping you serve your charitable clients regardless of where the proposed donor-advised fund regulations ultimately land. DAFs are popular because they allow your client to make a tax-deductible transfer of cash, marketable securities or another...

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Your Philanthropic Resource

2023 Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy reception at OCCF

2023 Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy reception at OCCF

Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy

The Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy (CAP ®) program is a year-long series of 16 classes that guide you through three graduate level courses that teach professional advisors how to best help clients reach their charitable, estate planning and wealth management goals. By integrating law, accounting, financial and planned giving professions, the Community Foundation promotes an inter-disciplinary approach to most effectively achieve your clients’ goals.

Who Should Consider CAP?
  • Experienced advisors whose clients are considering gifts within a financial, business exit or estate plan.
  • Gift planners serving high-capacity donors, typically in the areas of major or planned gifts.

Contact Joe Carter at [email protected] or (405) 606-2914 to learn more.


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Educational Resources

At the Community Foundation, we are committed to educating professional advisors in our community on the advantages of charitable giving and ways your clients can make a difference. In addition to offering tools for advisors and educational opportunities at the Community Foundation, we regularly present for community and professional organizations on the ins and outs of planned giving.

How Can We Help You?

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Lindsay Laird

Vice President of Philanthropic Services

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Julie Dais, CAP®

Director of Gift Planning