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Donors Josh and Jennifer Wright created a charitable fund with OCCF after the sale of their business.

At the Oklahoma City Community Foundation, it’s our mission to help you make an impact, support community nonprofits, help students with their educational goals and help us all meet the needs of our community. That’s why we offer a wide variety of Fund Options to meet your needs.

Jeri Holmes, Attorney for Nonprofit Solutions

One of the biggest advantages of having my clients work with the Oklahoma City Community Foundation is that the foundation is a safety net. If my client’s funds are with the Community Foundation, versus their request to set up a private family foundation, then the Community Foundation provides that additional layer of support and information for that client when they need it.

Jeri Holmes

Attorney, Nonprofit Solutions

Help Your Client Create an Impact

At the Foundation, it’s our mission to help you. Discover how our variety of fund options can help you make a bigger impact in the community.
donors support charitable organizations

Donor Advised Funds

Our advised fund options allow donors to support charitable organizations or projects without worrying about administrative details. Your clients will receive an immediate tax benefit at the time of contribution and then have the flexibility to make grants to nonprofit organizations over time.

Legacy Fund

Your client can:

    • create a legacy of support for their favorite causes.
    • Avoid administrative annoyances of charitable giving.
    • Support organizations today and tomorrow.
  • Excellent estate planning tool.
  • Great alternative to a private foundation.
Gift Fund
  • Your clients can manage all their giving from one account.
  • Gift funds are invested with the general OCCF pool, but they are considered spendable funds, so the entire balance can be granted out into the community.
  • Excellent tax planning tool.
  • Requires a minimum initial gift of $20,000.
Express Fund
  • Similar to a Gift Fund in that the entire balance can be granted out, but since an Express Fund is intended to be spent quickly, it is not invested with the General Pool.
  • Excellent tax planning tool.
  • Requires a minimum initial gift of $5,000.

Field of Interest Funds

A Field of Interest Fund is a permanent endowment fund that offers donors the opportunity to support evolving needs in the community and a variety of nonprofits without being involved in grant-making details.

  • Provides support for a specific area of interest or evolving needs in the community.
  • A committee made up of community leaders and experts in the field will review selected organizations that most closely align with your interests.
  • Donors can establish charitable interest areas such as foster children, the arts, etc. Or, they can support existing fields of interest such as social services, education, health care and beautification.
  • Requires a minimum initial gift of $100,000.
  • If your clients don’t want to set up their own Field of Interest fund, they can make a donation to any existing fund and see that donation make an immediate impact.

Scholarship Funds

Give to an existing scholarship or establish a new scholarship fund for a simple and enduring way to support educational opportunities for students.

  • Support educational opportunities, a specific educational institution or a course of study.
  • Build a legacy of creating pathways to success for others.
  • Invest in the future of our youth.
  • Scholarship funds require a minimum initial gift of $50,000.

Affiliated Funds

At the Community Foundation, Affiliated Funds are permanent endowments that offer a convenient alternative to a private foundation with fewer restrictions and administrative responsibilities as well as favorable tax treatment. Each Affiliated Fund has its own trustees, operates under its own set of governing documents and is considered a supporting organization of the Community Foundation.

  • Alternative to a private foundation.
  • Utilize Community Foundation staff for all administrative duties and compliance issues.
  • Flexible investment options.
  • Available for families and nonprofits.
  • Requires a minimum initial gift of $1 million.

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