The bylaws of the Oklahoma City Community Foundation require that six of the 15 Trustees be nominated by outside organizations and the remaining nine be appointed by the current Board of Trustees. Nominated for three-year terms, a Trustee can serve up to nine consecutive years. Below are the Trustees for our current fiscal year (July 1, 2015-June 30, 2016). For past Trustees and years of service, click here.

Bond Payne, Chairman
Heritage Trust Company
Appointed by the Trustees

T. Scott Spradling, Treasurer
Spradling, Kennedy and McPhail LLP
Appointed by the Trustees

Steven C. Agee
Dean, Meinders School of Business
Oklahoma City University
Appointed by the Oklahoma City Mayor & City Council

Mary Ann Bauman M.D.
Medical Director, Women’s Health and Community Relations,
Appointed by the Trustees

Mike Collison
Vice President & CFO, The Oklahoma Publishing Company
Appointed by the Trustees

Steven C. Davis
Attorney, Hartzog Conger Cason & Neville
Appointed by Investment Committee

Mark W. Funke
CEO & President, Southwest BanCorp.
Nominated by the United Way of Central Oklahoma

Leslie Hudson
Community Volunteer
Appointed by the Trustees

Oscar Jackson
Secretary of Human Resources & Administration, State of Oklahoma (retired)
Appointed by the Trustees

Ann Johnstone
Community Volunteer
Nominated by Allied Arts

Jenny Love Meyer
Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores
Appointed by the Trustees

Vicki Miles-LaGrange
U.S. District Judge, Western District of Oklahoma
Nominated by the U.S. Judge, Western District of Oklahoma
P.B. Odom III
P.B. Odom III Land Development Companies
Appointed by the Trustees

David E. Rainbolt
CEO & President, BancFirst Corp.
Nominated by the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber

Tony Tyler
Tyler Media
Appointed by the Trustees
Christian K. Keesee
Christian Keesee
Kirkpatrick Bank
Ex Officio
Nancy B. Anthony, President
Rhonda Godwin, Secretary
Cathy Lippard, Assistant Treasurer

Past Trustees, Years served

Charles Bennett, 1969–71, 1973–74
Dr. James L. Dennis, 1969–71
Luther T. Dulaney, 1969–72
Harvey P. Everest, 1969–74
Sylvan N. Goldman, 1969–78
Dean A. McGee, 1969–78
J.B. Saunders, 1969–78
Stanton L. Young, 1969–75
Dr. Leonard P. Eliel, 1971–72
Jack Abernathy, 1972–81
Dr. William Brown, 1973–74
William Thurman, 1974–79
John Kilpatrick Jr., 1975–80
F.M. Petree, 1975–84
Jean I. Everest, 1975–84
Jackie Carey, 1979–84
Richard Harrison, 1979–89
Edward C. Joullian III, 1979–85
Morrison G. Tucker, 1979–89
Dr. Clayton Rich, 1980–89
William Swisher, 1981–83
Gerald Marshall, 1982–88
Dan Hogan III, 1984–93
Ray T. Anthony, 1985–94
James R. Tolbert III, 1985–94
Nancy P. Ellis, 1986–95
Richard L. Van Horn, 1990–92
Dr. Jay Stein, 1992–94
James Young, 1995–97
J. Edward Barth, 1989–98
Frank McPherson, 1989–98
George J. Records, 1989–99
Ben Demps, 1996–2000
Raymond Hefner, 1994–2000
Richard Sias, 1995–2001
Linda Lambert, 1993–2002
Robert Butkin, 1999–2002
William O. Johnstone, 1994–2003
Anne Hodges Morgan, 1994–2003
Jeanette L. Gamba, 1995–2004
James H. Holloman Jr., 1997-2006
Ronald J. Norick, 1998-2007
Paul B. Odom Jr., 1998-2007
William Shdeed, 2000-09
Paul W. Dudman, 2001-10
John E. Green, 2001-10
Jim Daniel, 2002-11
Judy Love, 2002-11
Nancy Coats-Ashley, 2003-12
Kirland Hall, 2003-12
J. Larry Nichols, 2004-13
Jane Jayroe, 2004-13
Steve Mason, 2004-13
Jim C. Clark, 2005-14
Harry Merson, 2006-15