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Annual Report
The Annual Report is a yearly publication that provides in-depth information about the Oklahoma City Community Foundation, the endowment funds it manages, community grant programs, investment performance and financial highlights. To review the current complete financial audit, click here.

Annual Report 2016 Annual Report 2015
Annual Report 2014 Annual Report 2013
Annual Report 2012 Annual Report 2011
Annual Report 2010

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The following publications provide information about specific Oklahoma City Community Foundation programs, fund options and investment performance.

Advised Funds

 Brochure  Legacy Fund
 Gift Fund  Express Fund
 Helping You Help the
Community brochure

Giving Options

A Guide to Planning Your Will and Trust
Transferring from Private Foundation to Oklahoma City Community Foundation

Program Reports

Scholarship and Award Endowment Program Report 2016
2017 Charitable Organization Endowment Program Review

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Investment Report

2015-16 Investment Report 2014-15 Investment Report
2013-14 Investment Report 2012-2013 Investment Report
2011-2012 Investment Report

Other Publications

A Gift of Beauty: The Margaret Annis Boys Trust Wills and Trust Guide
Scholarship Yearbook

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