Margaret Annis Boys Trust

Since 1991, the Margaret Annis Boys Trust has been supporting beautification projects for public lands throughout Oklahoma County.

Upcoming Deadline
Jan. 15, 2016

Program Criteria and Requirements
On or before Jan. 15, 2016 at 5:00 p.m.

The Margaret Annis Boys Trust program provides support and encouragement for landscaping and beautification projects in parks, medians and other public lands in the Oklahoma City area. It emphasizes strong partnerships with interested groups that must provide some matching resources and long-term maintenance for the projects. Funds are primarily used for purchase and installation of plant materials according to a landscaping plan. Nonprofit organizations, neighborhood associations and other groups with a vested interest in the beautification of a particular area are eligible. A specially appointed advisory committee reviews proposals and makes recommendations to the Trustees who provide final approval.

Contact Brian Dougherty at 405/235-5603 or by email at or Sally Ray at 405/606-2930 or by email at  to determine the eligibility of your beautification project a minimum of two weeks prior to the grant deadline.

Certain projects may have elements that meet the Parks & Public Space Initiative guidelines. We encourage you to discuss this possibility with the program officers. It may be possible that your project receives funding from both grant programs.

All projects submitted for funding to the Margaret Annis Boys Trust should consider the following:

  1. Project should be located in a public park or median or other public space, or if owned by a nonprofit organization, is open to the public without charge and without closed gates or other restrictions. The property should be in Oklahoma County or in the City of Oklahoma City limits. Preference will be given to areas with high visibility or that experience significant public use. Landscaping of buildings and landscaping associated with new construction or neighborhood frontages are lower priority and generally are not funded.
  2. Primary focus should be plantings and improvements to existing plantings and vegetation. Plantings should be permanent improvements or perennial flowers, and the project as a whole should be a permanent improvement to the area. Funding opportunities include: a) planting of trees, shrubs and grasses, b) preparation of area for planting, including amending soil and soil preparation, c) provision for watering and drainage and d) incidental improvements related to the landscaping.
  3. Recommendations provided in the Supplemental Information for Margaret Annis Boys Trust proposals should be considered when preparing your application.
  4. Irrigation systems may be included but must be an integral part of a total beautification project. Irrigation of existing areas without significant additional improvements to landscaping will not be considered. Irrigation systems may not be more than half of the requested grant amount.
  5. Concrete, brick and masonry work, electrical installation, landscaping of signs and equipment needed for maintenance are generally not funded.
  6. Each project must have a sponsoring organization with a vested interest in the project and commitment to provide long-term maintenance. Sponsoring organizations must have geographic proximity to the project to allow for monitoring of maintenance needs and general oversight of the project.
  7. Each project will require matching resources from the sponsoring organization and others. Contributions of cash and materials will be required at a minimum of 20-25 percent of the requested grant amount. Other sources of funds may be in-kind services for design and installation.
  8. Project must have a maintenance plan and description of how the maintenance will occur. Continued maintenance is a primary concern in the review of all Margaret Annis Boys Trust proposals. Maintenance plan should include the commitment of those who will maintain the project regarding specific maintenance needs. Litter control should be addressed in the maintenance plan.
  9. School-based projects should have a curriculum component for students regarding the value of trees and landscaping and involve the students in both the implementation and maintenance of the project. School-based projects require a letter of commitment from the school system for specific watering and maintenance services, which will ensure the projects are cared for through the summer. This commitment is required even if volunteer groups are involved in the maintenance plan.
  10. Any project to be done on public property or property not owned by the applicant must include letters from appropriate authorities or owners giving permission for the work to be done and providing preliminary approval for the basic design. No funds will be released for projects until all permission, permits and other approvals are received and work is ready to start. Special instructions are available for projects on property owned by the City of Oklahoma City including park property, medians and right-of-way for city streets.
  11. Organizations and groups that are not nonprofit organizations with IRS Letters of Determination may participate in the Margaret Annis Boys Trust program, but escrowed funds will be expended through a special Oklahoma City Community Foundation expense account.
Report Forms
Report forms will be available after August 1, 2015.
Recent Grant Approvals
The City of Edmond – $5,196 for plantings that will help beautify, provide shade and a wind barrier to the Sunset Elementary School’s grounds which will make it a more enjoyable space for students and the surrounding community.

Edgemere Park Preservation – up to $30,000 for plant materials and irrigation that will be coordinated with the drainage improvements in Edgemere Park.

Oklahoma City Bicycle Society /OKC Running Club – $15,000 for the installation of information boards along the Oklahoma City trail system to help keep walkers, runners and cyclists informed. A bike rack will also be installed at Crystal Lake in Oklahoma City.

Putnam City Public Schools Foundation – $28,894 to help improve the Hilldale Elementary School grounds by adding a pavilion area, establishing outdoor learning centers and gardens as well as providing community outreach.The grant also supports improvements to an adjacent park.

Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School – $22,341 for improvements to the school grounds and outdoor facilities.

The Margaret Annis Boys Story
Margaret Annis BoysIt was once said of Margaret Boys that “she knows more about Oklahoma and especially Oklahoma City than anyone. Although she’s a world traveler, she’s convinced Oklahoma is the best place to live.”

In 1991, Miss Boys left her estate to the Oklahoma City Community Foundation with one simple instruction – that her gift is used to beautify public lands in Oklahoma County. Today, the fund established by one woman with a genuine love of Oklahoma’s native foliage has yielded more than half a million dollars in beautification projects throughout Oklahoma County.

As an educator of 42 years, she touched the lives of thousands of students, teachers and friends. Decades later, through the Margaret Annis Boys Trust, she touches the lives of hundreds of thousands of people every day.

The Boys Trust has supported more than 200 projects in all corners of Oklahoma County since its inception in 1991. Projects include the Margaret Annis Boys Arboretum at Will Rogers Gardens, plantings for public schools, trees for Lake Hefner Trails, the Blossom Bluff at the Myriad Gardens, the Dog Park at Lake Hefner and dozens of other beautification projects along roadways, in neighborhoods, parks and other public lands.